At Webfoot Guide Service we offer day hunts and package hunts in Northeast Arkansas where for the last several years have held more ducks than any other part of the state. Here duck hunting is as tradition as Mom's apple pie. With two main rivers the St. Francis and the famous Black River serving as flyways this makes us first in line as the ducks move south.
Webfoot is now proud to
announce a second choice for
 our hunters. Because of the mild winters and the ducks stopping short in Missouri over the last few years, we now are proud to offer some of the best duck hunting you will ever find. We have built a new lodge and set up a second headquarters in beautiful Stockton, MO. located about 45 min. north of Springfield, MO. We have hunted this area for several years on our own and now want to share it with you. Our hunting area is located between three major refuges that over the last five years at their peak have housed up to half a million ducks. You will see that duck hunting
here is like it used to be.
So whether you want to hunt in
Arkansas or in Missouri our Pro Staff is waiting to show you a hunt of a lifetime. Our land is located right in the Mississippi and Central flyways. Every year Ducks and Geese leave their nesting grounds in Canada during the winter only to come south. Some people think it's to escape the cold, but I believe it's to give hunters like you and me the thrill of our lives. When opening morning comes you will find me either in a duck blind, or in the flooded timber awaiting dawn to hear those whistling wings and the sound of a
duck call ringing out.
* Stockton
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