Mud Buddy

Mud Buddy build the toughest, fastest and
most powerful mud motors. Leading the industry with innovation, superior quality, unmatched performance and price. Pound for pound, and dollar for dollar, there is no better performance and value for your money than Mud Buddy.
With 20 Years of Innovation and Excellent Customer Service, Mud Buddy Motors is the only way to go. Not to mention, Mud Buddy has the only high performance engines in the industry. No mud motor can handle the load and run in mud like a Mud Buddy.

Why Webfoot Guide Service Run Mud Buddy Motors

  • Largest engines in the industry
  • Cast Aluminum Drive Housing
  • Trims highest for stumps and lowest for mud traction
  • Lowest vibration level in the industry
  • Handle-end Trim and Clutch Switch Control Box


More Information

Mud Buddy is the best mud motors in our opinion. From mud bottoms to deep lakes they get us to our hot spots and back. They have many different models to fit your needs. For more information click here.