Tanglefree Decoys

Tanglefree Decoys are they ultimate in realism and durability and an excellent addition to any spread. During high pressure public land duck hunts on blue bird days, your decoy spread  is one of the few elements that can separate you from the pack.
Aside from their lifelike beauty, Tanglefree flocked decoys are engineered to take away the unnatural shine that frequently flare ducks over plastic decoys. As an added advantage, Tanglefree flocked decoys won’t look like a mass produced group of clones because each decoy is individually air brushed by a human hand for individualism.

Webfoot Guide Service’s Reasons For Tanglefree

  • Painted Lifelike Realism
  • Weighted Keel
  • Foamed Filled
  • Flocked Decoys
  • Duriablity


More Information

There are many decoys are the market and we have used dang near all of them, Tanglefree in our opinion is the best for our job. Tanglefree offers a variety of decoys and other products to fit your needs. For more information click here.